BookIt Desktop: A Desktop Tool to Compile Webpage Content

Now uncountable netizens are browsing on the Internet. We are getting information easier than ever. However, just because it’s on the Internet, the things you see at this moment, may disappear the next second. And the ads and other distractions can be overwhelming for most of the times. So why not use BookIt to save the pages that are important to you, and get rid of the distractions?

BookIt is your desktop tool that can grab content from any webpage(webpages), and the entire webpage itself and compile them in a very readable pdf or ePub format for your digital handhelds or eBook readers.

Let’s see what are it’s key features.

  • Select any link or content block on any webpage with unlimited clicks. Just click everything you need to save in one go.
  • Open as many as websites you like to select content links.
  • Organize your local HTML files together or with the content from the webpage in one book.
  • Re-organize your generated books.
  • Get you dynamic pages, and login required pages as well.
  • Custom title, author and descriptions.
  • Output pdf or ePub files.

The output result is like this:


As you can see from the above pictures, this desktop make grabing content from the website easier than ever. It works well for those who are doing researches or studies, and also those who want to save the online content for offline reading.

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