Webpage Converting Tools(Desktops and Extensions)

Web converting tools build the bridge between the online webpages and offline ereaders. When deciding how to fill your eBook reader with good content from the website, the vast landscape of modern converting tools can be overwhelming. It is not easy to choose a right one among them especially when you come up with this idea for the first time. But don’t worry, this comparison is going to help you out. Usually you have 4 choices by and large: desktop tools, extensions, online app and mobile app. Let’s take New York Book Review as an example.

1. Desktop tools

Desktop tools are for those who requires a frequent need of web converting.

1.1 GrabMyBooks

GrabMyBooks is an application that allows you to grab content from the web and easily convert it in an epub file fully compatible with your reader.

Features -free -it is available as a standalone java application or as an Android app. -it also has an extension that does the same work, working with the desktop installed. -the content is editable. -it is free and you can also get feeds.


-the linked pages cannot be processed, and even the links are not clickable after converted. -it cannot sort history by date. It deletes the history without confirmation and the book generated will be deleted at the same time.

1.2 BookIt Desktop

BookIt is a practical tool designed to convert the web content to both ePub and pdf.


-you can select any link or content block on any webpage with unlimited clicks. Just click everything you need to save in one go.

-open as many as websites you like to select content links.

-organize your local HTML files together or with the content from the webpage in one book.

-re-edit your generated books.

-get you dynamic pages, and login required pages.

-free trial.


-it does not support to generate mobi file.

-it does not allow you to edit the content.

2. Extensions

Extension is a more convinient choice for those who do not like a desktop. Those are software in the cloud, so that you benefit from the improvements of future releases without having to reinstall anything.

2.1 Epubpress

EpubPress is a brower extension for Chrome and Firefox for turning web content into ebooks.


-viewable on all your devices(Kindle, Nooks, iPone, iPad, PC etc.)

-Groups relavant content together

-epub, mobi file


-can add title and expression

-open multiple websites and select the ones you want to include in a book.


-select the website needs to be converted

-Books are limited to containing 50 articles.

-Books must be 10 Mb or less for email delivery to work.

-Images in an article must be 1 Mb or less. Images that exceed this limit will be removed.

-No more than 30 images will be downloaded.

2.2 dotEPUB

dotepub is software in the cloud that allows you to convert any webpage into an e-book.



-it offers a bookmarklet, a widget, and an extension for different types of users.

-iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch are supported.

-it saves pages fast.


-it some times cannot get the whole page.

-does not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer prior to version 10.

-the dotepub extension for Safari will not work correctly on Safari for Windows. It has only been tested on Safari 7.

-one or two ads can still be seen on the book it generated

some icons are enlarged.

2.3 Save as eBook

Save-as-ebook is a Chrome/firefox/Opera Web Extension that saves a web page/selection as an eBook(.epub format).



-select the content word by word, which you can use as the text of a chapter.

-you can also choose to save a page, edit chapters and custom the style.

-if you want to make a book out of several web pages, you can save those web pages as chapters, and then generate a book.


-when you have too many pages, it may not be a good choice.

-the histoty tasks are not saved.

-the selection function seems does not work well.(empty pages)

These are the conversion tools I’d like to share with you. I will talk about online tools and apps for the next time. Hope you find this article useful.

Check out a similar article here: https://blog.bookn.net/2021/06/04/save-webpage-to-read-later/

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