The Best 100% Free Method to Turn Multiple Web Pages into an Ebook

Are you looking to save articles for later reading but only to find that you can save one page at a time? Or do you find those that can save multiple articles complicated to use? Well, you can say goodbye to those tools now. You need only one tool, and that should be👇 Why areContinue reading “The Best 100% Free Method to Turn Multiple Web Pages into an Ebook”

3 Reasons I Suggest You This Software

An aid for your online research sessions, providing a web collector with HTML editing capabilities and an e-book creator to store all your contents in a single place. Online researching sessions for any type of project, no matter the topic usually results in different pieces of information from multiple sources. Whether it is the Internet,Continue reading “3 Reasons I Suggest You This Software”

You are a Dotepub Fan, but Probably You Should Try WeBooK

What do you use to save webpages as ebook? Are you using dotEPUB? If you are, probably you are interested in trying this tool: WeBooK. Keep reading to find out what is the difference between them. 1. How they save webpage as ebook Dotepub: Use an extension and a bookmarklet to save a webpage. ToContinue reading “You are a Dotepub Fan, but Probably You Should Try WeBooK”

How to Save Webpages to Read as an Ebook?

This video shows you how to save web pages from different websites and organize them into an ebook. This tool is called BookIt Desktop. With this tool, you can save the web pages for offline reading. Online tools are many, but it would be a bit risky to put everything into other’s hands. If weContinue reading “How to Save Webpages to Read as an Ebook?”

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Recently I’ve been learning how to drive traffic to my site from Neil’s YouTube channel. I thought it maybe helpful if I put all the tips he shared at all times together so that the content will look more systematic. Let’s get started. Use tools like SEMrush, Ubersuggest (free with limited functions), put in yourContinue reading “How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website”

How to Make a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a report that outlines your marketing strategy for the coming year, quarter or month. Before a marketing plan, you should do a research. Check out the competition. Subscribe to receive your competitors’ (or those you perceive to be your competitors) emails. Analyze their emails, taking into account the name, email date,Continue reading “How to Make a Marketing Plan”

Email Marketing Tips–list building, bulk sending, email validation, and warming-up

Joyce LeeJust now·2 min read 1. How to build your email list Facebook ads: Facebook leads generation ads. Facebook traffic ads. To do ads we need a landing page. To create a landing page, we can go to the Facebook ad template library. Use email collection forms on your website. Quora. Answer questions related toContinue reading “Email Marketing Tips–list building, bulk sending, email validation, and warming-up”

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